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Monday, April 02, 2007

These imported dresses are perfect for the summer! Only one piece available for each design, so get them now! :)

Floral Bubble dress- $12 shipped.Condition: 10/10.
Comments: Brand new, free size. Maroon puff sleeve top is going for $8 shipped. Get the set for $19 shipped.

Grey Kimono Dress- $15 shipped.Condition: 10/10
Comments: Brand new, free size, comes with a grey sash tie which can be tied at the waist.

12:32 PM;

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Quote your own prices for the following!

Large wired Charm necklace: 3 designs available- angel, heart. star.

Huge silver key necklace: the silver key is 3 inches down and 1.7inches across.

Button earrings (clockwise from left): Unique Black button earrings, Rocking Horse button earrings, , Crown button earringsCameo Victorian Lady button earrings.

Mis-matched earrings: Danger mis-matched earrings, Breakfast Cereal mis-matched earrings.

Bambi earrings: charms imported from UK, available in pink and purple.

3:18 PM;

Monday, January 29, 2007

Oriental beauty necklace- $6.hand-painted heart charm with a different design on both sides.

Peach Blossom necklace- $6. sold!
hand-painted flower on black heart charm.

Blue & Gold teardrop necklace -$6. sold!hand-painted 3-D teardrop charm on gold chain.

these unique charms are hand-painted and only one is available for each design. really affordable, so get one now for Chinese New Year! :)

7:32 PM;

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

hi, this is a reminder to all: please read our terms & conditions before making any purchase. it's stated there that payment is to be made within 3 working days after purchase confirmation. i am having problems with certain buyers who have reserved items for more than 2 weeks and not made payment. now, my credibility is being questioned.. i'm accused of being impatient, trying to sell the item off as there's some defect.

i wish to emphasize that all the items here are new and have not been used before. it is YOUR responsibility as a buyer to make payment for the item you've reserved. also, i want to make it clear that i will not be doing meet ups anymore, even if its at yio chu kang. this is because its not convenient to do so, unless you wish to pay for my transport to and fro. transport fees would add up to more than $1, so isn't it more worthwhile to pay $1 for postage? from now onwards, i will only offer postage or self collection at my house.

thanks for your attention.

6:53 PM;

Saturday, January 13, 2007

Gingerbread mis-matched earrings- $5. Sold!

Unicorn earrings- $5.
all charms are imported from the US. :)

11:31 AM;

Friday, January 12, 2007

Large Black Heart necklace- $9. Sold!

Sweet Kisses II necklace- $10. Sold!

'I Love You' Book necklace- $10. Sold!
book charm opens to reveal the words 'i love you'. so sweet!

8:52 PM;

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Silver heart with glitter -$5. Sold!

Gold heart with glitter- $5. Sold!

Gold star with glitter- $5. Sold!

Gold angel with glitter- $5.

just add $2 if you want the charm filled with pearls/ heart charms/ crystals. its really pretty! :)

note: the $1 coin is used for comparision of the size of charm. please email us if you want the exact measeurements. :)

10:56 AM;

Saturday, December 16, 2006

button earrings- $3 per pair.

crown button earrings.unique gold crown on royal blue buttons used.

cameo button earrings.
intricate gold cameo buttons featuring a victorian lady with hair tied up (sorry i couldn't get better pictures).

black & gold button shiny buttons rimmed with gold border used.

rose button earrings. Sold!cute gold rose buttons used.

large red heart necklace- $8. Sold!
large red heart pendant which measures 1.8 inches across and 1.7 inches long. choice of gold or silver chain.

5:18 PM;

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Strawberry earrings -$2.

cute strawberry earrings at just $2 per pair. available in red or pink. get one now! :)

6:32 PM;

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Bambi earrings- $5 per bambi charms are imported from the UK, can't be found elsewhere! available in pink and purple.

Abacus necklace- $10. one sold, one available!rare vintage charm, counting beads really shift! measures 1.6 by 1 inch.

Painted vintage orchid ring- $3. sold!
painted vintage orchid charm used. ring is adjustable. :)

6:30 PM;

Thursday, November 30, 2006

large tinkerbell necklace- $15. Both sold!

(i'm selling the first one.)
large diamante studded tinkerbell charm on silver chain.

5:10 PM;

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Teddy bear couple handphone straps- $12. Sold!cute bear plush figurines with clear swaroski heart crystals.

Rocking Horse button earrings- $2.50. !

Snowflake necklace- $8. All Sold!has a huge snowflake charm which measures 2inches across and 2.5inches down. get one for christmas! :)

Crystal Butterfly necklace- $7.

Crystal Bear necklace- $6. Sold!

8:28 PM;